• The Prior

Changing of the Guard


Every three years the Discalced Carmelite priests and brothers

of the western United States hold what we call a provincial chapter.

It is a gathering of superiors and delegates to worship and pray together,

share stories past and present, and conduct important business

for the province.

After two postponements due to the Covid-19 pandemic, finally we were able

to hold our 2020 provincial chapter August 24-29 at El Carmelo Retreat House

in Redlands, southern California.  Prior to the chapter the province had elected

Fr. Adam Gregory Gonzales to a second three-year term as provincial.

The chapter itself elected four provincial councilors:  Frs. Matthew Williams,

Mark Kissner, Ramiro Casale, and Thomas Koller.

After the chapter the provincial council made appointments to various offices and

Fr. Adam Gregory, after consulting with the council and with other concerned parties,

made additional assignments.  The results included several changes affecting

the community of Carmelites at Mount St. Joseph in San Jose.

The three new members of the San Jose community are:  Fr. Thomas Reeves,

superior; Fr. Matthias Lambrecht, vocation director and postulant master; and

Fr. Charles Nawodylo.  Four members of the present community will be moving to

El Carmelo Retreat House:  Frs. Gerald Werner, Robert Barcelos, and Ramiro Casale,

and Bro. John Mark Charlesworth.  Please remember all of these men in your prayers.

As always, we thank you for your prayers and for the support you give us in many

other ways.  In particular, we are most grateful for your help with our recent

Virtual Benefit and Online Auction.  Our life and ministry is impossible without you.

Fr. Gerald Werner, OCD

*Fathers Charles, Thomas, and Matthias return ...